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This firm named Dewandas Lilaram was established in AGRA in 1948 by Lilaram Awtani who is the proprietor of this firm. He started with the textile business at a small scale. Initially he used to deal in suits and sarees. later after 27 years of struggle, he got a piece of information that some variety of cloth is also used in shoe industry.

It was then, that he started working on that. Initially for many years he used to visit the factories from door to door on his own cycle and also used to deliver the material on cycle itself. Then his three son's Bhagwan Awtani, Thakur Awtani and Tulse Awtani also started supporting him. Earlier he used to work on trading basis.

Then with god's grace he was able to give a new shape to his business. The material that he used to purchase from the market in early days is now being manufactured in his own factory.

We have our own Dyeing house for the past 20 years.

EVA coating, SUGAR coating, Self adhesive are also manufactured in our own factory.

Today Lilaram Awtani with his sons Bhagwan Awtani, Thakur Awtani, Tulse Awtani and grandson Punit Awtani are carrying forward their business with hard work and complete honesty.